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Structural Attachments

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122 Series Z Purlin Clip


Triangular Wall Bracket


nVent CADDY Rod Lock Spring Steel Rod Hanger


Cable Tie Fastener


Bolt Expansion Anchor


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2000 Beam Clamp Kit

Everything you need is included in this kit to directly attach U-channels to beams.
PH34303.jpg image

Triangular Wall Bracket

Wall mounted bracket for supporting and fixing various building systems.
PH19664.jpg image

H-Ti/T Rod to Flange Clip

Easy, hammer-on method to secure threaded rod from a structural steel flange.
PH22340.jpg image

Thread Install Rod Hanger

Effective means to support threaded rod applications to concrete walls and other CADDY fasteners.
PH5329.jpg image

HIB Concrete Nail with Collar

Nails for directly fastening to concrete structures.
PH5477.jpg image

Threaded Rod

Threaded rod for hanging and offsetting.
PH22323.jpg image

Cable Tie Fastener

Ideal accessory to secure cable in combination with numerous CADDY fasteners for any structural element.
PH22316.jpg image

OCDC Deck Hanger

Clip-on deck hanging clip with unthreaded hole; for use with chain or wire.
PH40090.jpg image

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Spring Steel Rod Hanger

Quick and effective means to support both single threaded rod and prefabricated assemblies to concrete walls and other CADDY fasteners, thanks to the push-to-install technology.
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Bolt Expansion Anchor

Expansion anchor for use in concrete.