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Metal Framing

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nVent CADDY Eristrut Strut Channel System

nVent CADDY Eristrut Strut Channel System

Telescoping Support Brackets

Telescoping Support Brackets

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PH2857.jpg image

Strut Channel Type A, Slotted

Strut channel for building trapeze, structures, and bracing.
PH3895.jpg image

ADK Strut End Cap

Strut channel end caps for a polished finish.
PH2325.jpg image

Two Hole Flat Bracket

Flat brackets for cfeating strut frames and structures.
PH3906.jpg image

Strut Beam Clamp with U-Bolt

Beam clamps for attaching strut channels to overhead beams.
PH5394.jpg image

Strut Cantilever Arm Type A, Slotted

Strut channel with wall mounting plate, type A.
PH38408.jpg image

Telescoping Strut Replacement

Length djustable trapeze profile fits all standard attachments and hardware.
PH2331.jpg image

Four Hole External Coupler

Splice plates for creating channel frames and structures.
PH2321.jpg image

1-1 Hole Angle Bracket

Angle brackets for creating strut frames and structures.
PH19635.jpg image

ESC Strut Attachment Clip

Effective means to attach wire rope or chain support point to strut.
PH1001.jpg image

Strut Trapeze Attachment Plate

Plate componenet for quick trapeze assembly.