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Rigid Bracing

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Structural Attachments for Rigid Bracing

Structural Attachments for Rigid Bracing

Sway Braces

Sway Braces

Lateral Telescoping Brace Assembly

Lateral Telescoping Brace Assembly

Replacement Nuts and Bolts for Rigid Bracing

Replacement Nuts and Bolts for Rigid Bracing

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Bar Joist Attachment

Low profile (50.8 mm) seismic adaptors that connect seismic braces to bar joists or I-Beams with flanges 6.4 - 12.7 mm thick.
PH33587.jpg image

Cone Point Shear Bolt

Cone point bolt with snap-off bolt headfor easy installation and inspection of seismic sway braces.
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Universal Sway Brace

Easy slip-on seismic sway brace for single pipes.
PH38643.jpg image

Steel Flange Adapter

Adapter used to fasten a seismic brace to a steel flange.
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Standard Universal Sway Brace

Seismic sway brace used for both lateral and longitudinal braing of single pipes.
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Rivet Head Shear Bolt

Replacement rivet head shear bolt for Strut bracket hinge bracket assembly, Trapeze sway brace for strut, and Universal structural bracket for strut.
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Lateral Telescoping Brace Assembly

Telescoping brace assembly eliminates the need to cut pipe, minimizing waste and allowing one person to effectively complete the installation.
PH20127.jpg image

Quick Grip Jr. Lateral Sway Brace

Seismic lateral restraint for single pipe that eliminates trips between structure and service pipe during installation.
PH33586.jpg image

Shear Nut

Replacement shear nut for most nVent CADDY sway braces and structural attachments.
PH38647.jpg image

Adjustable I-Beam Adapter

Telescopic adapter assembly with a retainer strap used to fasten a seismic brace to a steel flange.