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Concrete Reinforcing Steel Connections

Solutions for the Largest Structures in the World

nVent LENTON is a global brand with local support when our customers need it. The team provides in-depth guidance about engineered solutions for structural engineers and contractors, saving time in the construction process on the job. With plants in North America and Europe, products can get to the distributor with minimal delays.

nVent LENTON has provided problem-solving solutions in thousands of the most well-known buildings, bridges and roads worldwide, so you can trust in the brand that has been setting the standard worldwide for more than 50 years.


High Rises

Burj Khalifa

The Shard

World Trade Center Tower 1 (Freedom Tower)
New York

Grande Arche de la Defense

Petronas Towers
Kuala Lumpur

Museums and Entertainment

Wembley Stadium

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

The Bellagio
Las Vegas

The Venetian
Las Vegas

Airports, Rail, Transit and Tunnels

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco

Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport

s21 S-Bahn

Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Bridges and Dams

Stonecutter Bridge
Hong Kong

New Tappan Zee Bridge
New York City

Puente Centenario
Panama Canal

Storebaelt Bridge

Itaipu Dam

Energy and Utility

Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Plant
Waynesboro, GA

Boxberg & Lippendorf Power Stations

Sizewell B Nuclear Power Plant
Suffolk, United Kingdom

Sellafield Nuclear Facility
Seascale, United Kingdom

Refineria Coque Buenos
Buenos Aires

The nVent LENTON Difference

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nVent LENTON is a world leader in advanced mechanical rebar splicing systems and a proven expert in mechanical connections tested to save time and money in the field. Our Rebar Splicing Specialists at nVent understand the concrete construction business and inherent rebar splicing problems on today’s jobsite.

Our engineering capabilities, broad experience and extensive testing base allow us to provide engineers and contractors with product solutions, like our multiple splicing and anchorage systems, for all rebar splicing challenges.

Reliable, Strong, Consistent Products

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nVent LENTON engineers products that are not only up to the latest standards and codes, but also perform when you need them. The brand history includes a number of key product innovations over the lengthy history including:




Our Product Families

nVent LENTON Standard Couplers

Standard couplers are designed to splice the same diameter bars where at least one bar is free to be rotated and is not restricted in its axial direction. The couplers are machined to have tapered threads at both ends, creating a mechanical butt splice of two sections of reinforcing steel.

nVent Position Couplers

Position couplers are designed to splice two curved, bent or straight bars of the same diameter when neither bar can be rotated. Typical applications include bent bar, prefabricated cages and precast structural elements.

nVent LENTON Form Saver

The Form Saver is ideal for eliminating protruding dowel bars in segmental pour applications and temporary openings. It is uniquely designed with the nVent LENTON tapered thread, factory installed thread protector and nailing plate for easy attachment to the form.

nVent LENTON Interlok

Interlok is a precast joining system, designed to provide structural integrity for joining rebar in precast construction. It is designed to provide structural integrity between load bearing precast concrete elements such as columns, beams, shear walls and panels.

nVent LENTON Ultimate

nVent LENTON Ultimate Splicing Systems and Mechanical Anchors are designed to maximize performance and shop efficiency as well as minimize installation difficulty in the field. Ultimate products are attached to the reinforcing steel using friction-forging technology and product design, and with optimized friction welding parameters to maximize the performance of the rebar connections with multiple types and grades of rebar.

nVent LENTON Connect

Connect is an in-situ reinforcing steel bar splicing system that requires no bar end preparation, and is ideal for new construction, repair or retrofit applications. The coupler features two integral serrated rails that provide for the development of full reinforcing bar (rebar) strength and improved overall structural integrity in tension, compression, stress-reversal and dynamic applications.


nVent LENTON Terminator

Terminator is a taper-threaded anchorage, which is secured to the end of a length of reinforcing steel bar and is capable of creating a more effective anchorage than the traditional hooked rebar. This approach greatly simplifies rebar placement, reduces congestion and improves structural integrity

nVent LENTON Weldable Couplers

nVent LENTON weldable couplers provide a quick and easy solution for connecting reinforcing steel bar (rebar) to structural steel sections or plates. The coupler is internally taper threaded on one end with the other end or exterior surface prepared for welding.

nVent LENTON Field Equipment and Service

nVent LENTON bar threaders can be conveniently set up in a fabricator’s shop or on site, allowing greater production control.
Machines are available for rent from nVent worldwide. Training is provided by nVent instructors.



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