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Mission Critical

At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions.

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Connecting and Protecting the Electrification of Everything


At nVent, we believe safer systems ensure a more secure world. The electrification of everything is driving the need to connect and protect electrical systems. We help ensure reliability, even in unexpected circumstances. Our solutions provide resiliency, safety and security to mission critical solutions and infrastructure around the globe. We can help you find solutions to connect and protect new technologies across multiple industries and applications, and we deliver value through these mission critical solutions:


Critical Protection

We provide critical protection to electrical systems—and the people who work with them—when it matters most.

Critical Innovation

We make critical innovations that bring new technologies without sacrificing reliability. 

Real World Success Stories

Critical Innovation

Metro Transit Fire Rated Wiring

Fire-Rated Wiring and Heat Trace Cables Provide Critical Protection for Metro Systems

Critical Protection

Onboard Systems Supporting Digital Railways

Metro train systems play a vital role in the functioning of modern cities, helping people get to work, visit family and maintain active social lives


Designing data centers that minimize environmental impact

Data centers need to consider how to support mission critical systems while adopting more environmentally sustainable practices


Why Should Data Center Managers Use nVent Solutions?

Protection, efficiency and scalability to maximize uptime

Our Mission: At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions

We're a high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 9,100 people with trusted brands for more than a 100 years. Known for innovation, quality and reliability, our products connect and protect, consistently delivering value to industrial, commercial, residential, energy and infrastructure customers.

We're guided by our values and responsible on how we work with customers and communities. 


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