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Data Processing Space Success Story

The audio, video and broadcasting sector is not much less affected by technological change than the publishing sector. However, there are many interesting fields in the broadcasting sector that are being opened up by digitization. This requires not only a rethink in the acquisition of software and hardware, but also in the construction of server rooms that have to process, store and pass on the data produced.

Even Unique Designs Require Data Processing Space

“A house as a powerhouse of creativity” New construction of a publishing giant also requires nVent solutions in the new data center.

An European broadcaster is building a new 80,000 sq. ft. media center for its 3,500 employees. The new building consists of eleven above-ground floors, 2 basement floors and an accessible roofscape. The central component of the design is an atrium, lined with terraces and up to 40 m high.

 In order to provide employees with the necessary network technology and to be able to process and store data securely, server rooms were set up on three floors. The unique concept consists of server rack rows that have a self-contained cooling circuit, this is completely room-independent. IP55 cabinets with gaskets and in-row cooling units were used for this purpose. To ensure the necessary power supply, nVent also delivered intelligent power distribution units, which were installed in the cabinets. Of course, monitoring is a particularly important point in this concept, for which the Guardian Management Gateways were used.



Server Racks

In-Row Cooler

Power Management

Gateway Monitoring


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