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Oil and Gas

Throughout the entire oil & gas value chain, from arctic to extremely high temperatures, both onshore and offshore, we keep your processes operational in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. From exploration and production to storage, transportation and processing, our engineering experts know how to meet the unique requirements of oil and gas. nVent offers several key solutions that protect your systems regardless of weather conditions or environments:

Electric Heat Tracing

nVent RAYCHEM heat tracing solutions prevents pipes from freezing, icing over, and provides regulated temperature for oil flow optimization.

Leak Detection

When oil pipeline leaks break out, you need to know as quickly as possible. nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek detects spills, locates the source and helps you take corrective action instantly.

Electrical and Arc Flash Safety

Isolate live power with our touch-safe nVent HOFFMAN disconnect solutions to prevent electric shock and arc flash.

Building Safety and Electrical Protection

nVent PYROTENAX Fire Rated Wiring & nVent ERICO Electrical Protection for optimal safety performance.

Power Distribution

nVent ERICO, nVent ERIFLEX and nVent HOFFMAN offer a wide range of power distribution solutions.

Electrical Enclosure Solutions

Our nVent HOFFMAN electrical enclosures are rated for the most hazardous conditions.

Making oil flow in the world's longest pipeline.

Making oil flow in the world's longest pipeline.


Protecting the world’s most famous reef.

Our heat tracing solutions protect your process

Decades of R&D experience, in-depth heat-tracing know-how and multiple projects across the globe. Discover what the inventors of electric heat tracing can do for you.



We provide complete project services

We have the expertise to handle heat tracing projects of any size and scope. By focusing on safety and utilizing time-tested methods and  solutions, nVent TRACER's trace heating designs and installations are timely, thorough, and cost-effective.  


Our enclosure and cooling products protect your equipment

Maximize your operation & process controls life cycle, instruments and electrical systems with nVent protection solutions.