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Smart Buildings & Smart Construction

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Growing need of power and data in Smart Buildings

The Opportunity:

With modern urban development buildings of all types from high rises, hotels and hospitals they are becoming more connected to automate processes with an eye to make them safer, securer and more sustainable. Smart buildings are intelligently connected, automating lighting, heat and air conditioning to make buildings safer, energy efficient and comfortable. Smart construction is also required to make a smart building to ensure it’s done safely, reliable and efficiently as possible to save time and costs.   

  • Significant demand for Pre-Fabricated solutions to save time and ease of Installation
  • 97% of existing building stock requiring major upgrades to meet 2050 decarbonization targets in Europe*

*ARUP EU Green Deal 2020



nVent's Solution:

nVent’s offers safety and preventive solutions to protect your valuable assets and labor savings solution with ease in installation. Increasing installation efficiency with wire and cable management to prefabricated solutions that are easy to use.

Protection solutions to minimize damage or interruption with lightning protection, grounding and bonding and seismic solutions. Taking it one step further to protect against damage with inventive freeze protection, leak detection and fire-rated wiring solutions. Rounding out the protective solutions with enclosures for vital electrical and electronic components to increasing comfort with floor heating and energy efficient hot water.



Commercial Buildings

nVent solutions enhance the safety and performance of commercial structures with products that innovatively solve your most common jobsite challenges. Learn how nVent can simplify your life and protect your assets with our quality, sustainable products.

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nVent Commercial Brochure

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Floor Heating Project Portfolio


Prefabrication White Paper

Time Saving Solutions


Connected Thermostat

nVent NUHEAT Thermostat

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