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High performance protection and connection solutions

Rapid deployment of dependable high-performance solutions plays a pivotal role in the deployment of reliable telecommunications connection and protection infrastructure. Whether equipment for wireless, wireline or cable applications, we deliver value through our globally available modular product platforms and applications expertise provide globally available products and solutions of consistent quality that you can rely on, delivered on-time and on-budget. 

Featured Products

Front Panels and Plug-in Units

System Enclosures

Telecom Racks & Cabinets

Outdoor Enclosures

Small Form Factor Embedded Systems

More Featured Products

Lower Voltage Power & Grounding Connection

Facility Electrical Protection

Electrical Heat Tracing

Cabinet & Enclosure Cooling



Selection Guide

Telecommunications Grounding and Bonding Section Guide

Protection Solutions

Grounding and Lightning Protection for Datacenters


Vodafone Fiji Success Story

Satellite Earth Station Cover Image

Selection Guide

Satellite Earth Station Grounding

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